Car Freshener
Car Freshener
Car Freshener

Car Freshener

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Elegant Car Fresheners

Our elegant glass car fresheners offer a whole new meaning to car fragrance. Now your favorite aroma can travel with you and they are refillable. We currently offer black or gold. They can last for 30 plus days depending how often you flip it to dilute the wood in fragrance.
Black Stallion
Sometimes mysterious; sometimes sexy; always intriguing. A complex well balanced blend infused with musk, jasmine and sandalwood. 

Cloud Nine
This candle vibe puts you in mood as if you were on cloud nine. This scent will immediately transform any space into an inviting sanctuary. Feel that tropical breeze in the comfort of your home with this heavenly scent combining coconut, papaya, mango and citrus.

Issa Vibe
Welcome good vibes in your home with this unique scent which allows you to achieve balance and harmony throughout your home. Blended with Lemongrass, Black Currant and Patchouli, makes this classic scent energizing and irresistible. 

Thai Sunrise
A modern tropical fusion of fresh mango and creamy coconut milk. A well balanced blend of pineapple with orange top notes infused with ripe mango and a hint of peach.


Dimensions 1 x 1.9 inches approx. 4.8 x 2.5 cm approx.
Product Weight 1.3 ounces approx. 36.2 grams approx.
Liquid Volume 0.27 fluid ounces approx. 8 ml approx.